Content Descriptors

Content labels overview


The game features violent scenes. Scenes of violence vary, some are simple drawings that do not clarify the details, and others clearly depict the details, and show pictures of harm to humans.


The game contains profanity of insulting and cursing, ranging in level between insulting an individual or family, or using insulting words.


The game contains scary scenes or sounds for children, or clips that terrify the player, however these scenes do not contain violence.


The game contains scenes to teach or encourage gambling in various forms. The game can simulate a casino or one of its various games.


The game contains sexual insinuations, nudity scenes, or vulgar poses. They can range from simple drawings to depictions that simulate all reality details.


The game features scenes of drug use, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, or any other narcotic substance.


The game contains depictions of words or scenes that are offensive to a religion, gender, race or country, which may encourage hatred and generate grudge.